Audio Recordings

23 May 2017
Olympijskiy Stadium
Moscow, Russia
Aero-Vederci Baby!

00 Intro
01 Let the Music Do the Talking
02 Young Lust
03 Cryin'
04 Livin' on the Edge
05 Rag Doll
06 Love in an Elevator
07 Crazy
08 Stop Messin' Around
09 Oh Well
10 Jaded
11 Sweet Emotion
12 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
13 Chip Away the Stone
14 Come Together
15 Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
16 Dream On
17 Walk This Way

554f4ed509e88592fb197702a8b9ee7f *00-Intro.flac
748c1ca54bf19fe9633b4549b22351fe *01-Let the Music Do the Talking.flac
bae7e4b757c0d69c6848a8d65edbe089 *02-Young Lust.flac
72a675ddb774dd08d47e280128b7f544 *03-Cryin'.flac
cc8a5861be145aa93a6a3828e85bd5c4 *04-Livin' on the Edge.flac
7580053d2f2faec6775f9a5bccaf36e6 *05-Rag Doll.flac
9656b5d7b48904fee72bf5587aa47e0f *06-Love in an Elevator.flac
89a0e7f7bb71035cce540fa3d1f38071 *07-Crazy.flac
597b9d3e58589f7f45bfcae7773b1df8 *08-Stop Messin' Around.flac
bd264082c49dc49393b6b2746d0ccc7c *09-Oh Well.flac
ebe296d0c120cf8b2d161c5090a5fa98 *10-Jaded.flac
98928e6b4ed10a8df1de1a1755471857 *11-Sweet Emotion.flac
5553b09abe8a19cf56481e74474137e0 *12-I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.flac
5c70f9d90561d953b2018533d3351408 *13-Chip Away the Stone.flac
e1fc822392916b020f2fc7212a80f72b *14-Come Together.flac
b2d8c742f6719932e0af9c0b9ca55ef6 *15-Dude (Looks Like a Lady).flac
2154c6e3e9552e85a3d4d4b7bef9db88 *16-Dream On.flac
db5a534fd9eb3eb002aecce9be212de7 *17-Walk This Way.flac
c46c6340c9eab53883b69fb7981a7880 *info.txt
2 CDs
SP-CMC-8 with SP-SPSB-11 and windscreens-> Edirol R-09HR -> WAV
WAV -> Adobe Audition (Compressing+Amplifying+Track Splitting) -> FLAC
104:12 min.

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