Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
23 February 2011
Hisense Arena
Melbourne, Australia
The Final Frontier World Tour 2011

Disc 1:
01. Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
02. El Dorado
03. 2 Minutes To Midnight
04. The Talisman
05. Coming Home
06. Dance Of Death
07. The Trooper
08. The Wicker Man

Disc 2:
09. Blood Brothers
10. When The Wild Wind Blows
11. The Evil That Men Do
12. Fear Of The Dark
13. Iron Maiden
14. The Number Of The Beast
15. Hallowed Be Thy Name
16. Running Free

Matrix of two sources:

Recorded by Navigator
SP-CMC-8 (AT 943) > SP-SPSB-11 (Bass Roll Off @ 69Hz) > Edirol R-09 (16/44.1)

Recorded by longvoyage
M-Audio Microtrack II @ 96khz/24bit and Sony mic - compressed to 44.1/16 with Audacity for CD playability

a5a16c48afe6170b2f69e2a74d894918 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD1_01.flac
19636d8f64ff6d0e2e7e19711da9cf8c *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD1_02.flac
130b30eb2a803feed58e45d9e8482925 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD1_03.flac
4da1f76101044d92cf35cccb09ee3a03 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD1_04.flac
e1c70bd843e83e1b47f4f8ddc30990de *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD1_05.flac
bd86fb559bb7df7e7b38014c345d6d24 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD1_06.flac
48bf507a7b3adb8bd5da92a19aaa9bc6 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD1_07.flac
a9695729d88e6decdef3c5bfc795571a *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD1_08.flac
c61f64c657d71775e8f586f044570ecf *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD2_09.flac
4a6f763dbd3459e6bc418d5e32b43c19 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD2_10.flac
dda62bf7a75b42728f4f29d70659e1b0 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD2_11.flac
df6ca481d44afe1ba5356ced18c39365 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD2_12.flac
9ccb70c64ad1ed2ffa42ed93661127f6 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD2_13.flac
44d5f76d43f15cce133e8e0ca27f98d8 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD2_14.flac
b7dd133b849bbf081b3a0b50990204c5 *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD2_15.flac
fe19e2ebe06ca04a4ee48365ca42118c *IronMaiden_20110223_MTX_CD2_16.flac
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