Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
19 July 2017
Xfinity Center
Mansfield, MA, United States
The Book of Souls North American Tour 2017

Disc 1:
01. Doctor Doctor (UFO Taped Intro)
02. If Eternity Should Fail
03. Speed of Light
04. Wrathchild
05. Bruce Rant
06. Children of the Damned

Disc 2:
01. The Trooper
02. Powerslave
03. The Great Unknown
04. Bruce Rant
05. The Book of Souls
06. Fear of the Dark
07. Iron Maiden
08. The Number of the Beast
09. Blood Brothers
10. Wasted Years*

* Patched
Great show, very packed house. I bailed after NOTB, tried to beat the rush....TOTAL FAIL. I found a video online of the last 2 songs right where i left off, it fits in very nice. Video credit goes to Tharkis. Thanks you!!!!!!

4f2b3be5e5c566dd5982764afcb76e35 *01. Doctor Doctor (UFO Taped Intro).flac
200c5325e918692704a8b452a89cf5ce *02. If Eternity Should Fail.flac
f57de2766861d7ebae8df5abd5538c3d *03. Speed Of Light.flac
5bb44d828def1d3a7e493d4593d8b401 *04. Wrathchild.flac
f124cc7070a5cb46c940070ba32a35da *05. Bruce.flac
8a5ccad7f8c708f5db54121e54528da5 *06. Children Of The Damned.flac
07c60b8c03a41e0ff2f3b0585d1a4058 *07. Death Or Glory.flac
b23496ca63cc342ce09bb958085440e3 *08. The Red And The Black.flac
f95dcc24ed345aadf47d6e9174da7dba *09. The Trooper.flac
50d0421563bfce674dc9be3f5002e5be *10. Powerslave.flac
aa4f56b2dbbdaf2d83bda0c600074b70 *11. The Great Unknown.flac
145e86c59fa5e614734d9beca0bfa3b3 *12. Bruce 2.flac
7b0a9a26edfdb63bf003f76fdfaef1b4 *13. The Book Of Souls.flac
a83f50e97fadb9965d5019963f92ec5c *14. Fear Of The Dark.flac
57df0692176fbd8ce3a0bb5b17cba172 *15. Iron Maiden.flac
499467a715f29c80bee339ddb0bad460 *16. The Number Of The Beast.flac
d3821a2ab60d3fe69d7ba96f1ec7a9c8 *17. Blood Brothers.flac
6ea6f20d0668a7edc3fb06742c3ad3f9 *18. Wasted Years.flac
4fb40f266b49d10c3bc230d38ef2e0e2 *IM Sony 7-19-17.txt
ad7d1125e1e99330c81ecc9ac597d2c2 *im sony back.jpg
f2d739da4fe71834985d648a71a61a13 *im sony front.jpg
3ac64f69fa10e2db16902444568db206 *Thumbs.db

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
Download the cover artwork at
2 CDs
CA-11 > Mics Mounted To My Hat > Battery Box > Sony PCM-M10 > WAV > Adobe Audition > EQ presets > Fades > WAV > FLAC
16bit / 44.1KHz

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