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Iron Maiden
24 April 2017
Oberhausen, Germany
The Book of Souls European Tour 2017

Disc 1:
01. Doctor Doctor (3:45)
02. Intro (2:01)
03. If Eternity Should Fail (7:49)
04. Speed Of Light (5:08)
05. Wrathchild (5:08)
06. Children Of The Damned (4:36)
07. Death Or Glory (5:27)
08. The Red And The Black (13:09)
09. The Trooper (4:10)
10. Powerslave (7:35)
11. The Great Unknown (6:40)

Disc 2:
01. The Book Of Souls (13:44)
02. Fear Of The Dark (7:45)
04. Iron Maiden (6:38)
05. The Number Of The Beast (7:02)
06. Blood Brothers (7:15)
07. Wasted Years (6:35)

Edited and Mastered by: Vitor (Neoplasmah)

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e4649c7079a2fe7bf1093b430493de31 *CD1�2. Intro.flac
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17cae62920293d3840b962ced3a30a48 *CD1�4. Speed Of Light.flac
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136797de7a9f34407566070e818544c4 *CD1�6. Children Of the Damned.flac
2b726680e3078ec70869e132bd21a81a *CD1�7. Death Or Glory.flac
cab814cf59f0bf5e14e63d7995d1c783 *CD1�8. The Red And The Black.flac
f78dd94ba15fce4e0d9a613c4d31e856 *CD1�9. The Trooper.flac
e5a0813dbc6657f5de53133f8edbcd4b *CD110. Powerslave.flac
d95fffdb7ead5f337d8b6b8c1da8115e *CD111. The Great Unknown.flac
e98d49818a48e9643b4c24e258b10a59 *CD2�1. The Book Of Souls.flac
2cdc4f5d3b731be703cf4fca4665ca40 *CD2�2. Fear Of The Dark.flac
2565441a2ecebe60a6f017ff67e08e77 *CD2�3. Iron Maiden.flac
6e03eb6856d1537d8047709b7029a264 *CD2�4. The Number Of The Beast.flac
cd00f8efdab22e69761047b6b6468142 *CD2�5. Blood Brothers.flac
6623e7eec26ae6a2462087b327433813 *CD2�6. Wasted Years.flac
9909a7880385f58a8853da738330359d *Frequency analysis.jpg
cf7b85b41df4575ff94dfaf46b2aa318 *Info.txt
The Book Of Souls In Oberhausen

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
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2 CDs
Purno De Purno / Neoplasmah
Purno De Purno
iPhone 7 with TW Recorder app > Flac > Trader's Little Helper > Wav [16bit-44kHz] > GoldWave v6.27 > Wav [16bit-44kHz] > Trader's Little Helper > Flac 8
65:28 & 49:00 min.

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