Audio Recordings

23 October 1988
Freedom Hall Civic Center
Johnson City, TN, United States
Blow Up Your Video North American Tour

01. Heatseeker
02. Shoot To Thrill
03. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
04. Back In Black
05. Who Made Who
06. Jailbreak
07. Hells Bells
08. That's The Way I Wanna RnR (incomplete)
09. The Jack
10. You Shook Me All Night Long
11. High Voltage
12. Whole Lotta Rosie
13. Let There Be Rock

nitroangus23 notes:

Ok,so I've recently came into a new bootleg that I'm fairly certain hasn't leaked yet.

It's a soundboard Blow Up Your Video Era Tour with Stevie Young on Rhythm guitar.

It's a great sounding boot that I got from some guy online.

Supposedly the guy I got it from got it from Stevie himself.

For Those About To Rock is absent due to the tape running out.

He also said,he's only gave about 10 copies out so this one's a rarity.

Ripped from a Cassette tape.

Owner notes:

I used the program Clean5 by Pinacle to transfer the cassette to my computer.
The cassette is I "think" a copy from the original off the mixing desk.
My cassette deck is a Sony Micro HiFi System - Model : CMT NEZ7.

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8649e2ff3a946ca52380d648c39a7e53 *Track12.flac
6b206c0e6c2e823f2a6db248b7fab965 *Track13.flac
The Rise Of Stevie Young

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The Rise Of Stevie Young

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