Audio Recordings

Izzy Stradlin and the Juju Hounds
26 February 1993
Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL, United States

Bucket o' Trouble
Cuttin' the Rug
Jiving Sister Fanny
Crackin' Up
Time Gone By
My Fault
Shuffle It All
Somebody Knockin'
Train Tracks
Pressure Drop
Little Red Rooster
Highway 49
Wipe Out
Battleship Chains
Goodnight Tonight

Mics were mounted on the top rail at the Metro.  
Mics were Realistic Lavalier's spread at ORTF.

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2f368e94066c2b96564def0db88a6ed5 *01-Intro.flac
0ff6cf13246170f902a5d083052200f9 *02-Bucket O' Trouble.flac
66d1b5794826302d94559e2317d49464 *03-Cuttin The Rug.flac
b652bc41a839275841054402df035d9d *04-Jivin Sister Fanny.flac
d184b68dc094682b94ef70bd8a817353 *05-Crackin Up.flac
9360851807987d10584c2f27b58874cc *06-Time Gone By.flac
36da21dc9115ae1ba4757d5fc89b7db1 *07-Don't Try To Change Me.flac
f4cd2893a8a7d7b7566896220c574a97 *08-Shuffle It All.flac
ab715b1065ffd12fc9af81132e2db7c2 *09-Somebody's Knockin.flac
19a22137510877632059d7aec40732a0 *10-Train Tracks1.flac
1a95961aa245b5cbc2c4f02b0727f3eb *11-Train Tracks2.flac
c54577d563b7dc909826786a70a4e03d *12-Pressure Drop.flac
a5496036a37a31d98864489c5cf713e0 *13-Red Rooster.flac
27aac53659789f7e092b0fc6c784fe5c *14-Highway 49.flac
98a68ec54f6552707aedf898802c236a *15-Pipeline.flac
156bce447ba7917bd181fd823e94d933 *16-Battleship Chains.flac
df15ac4788c0fc47bcfe15ee6fba0ad4 *17-Goodnight Tonight.flac
c10af5cddde8b0894ebc3d61caae09a7 *fingerprint.ffp
f81959f17f09994e20e67041275b729a *Info.txt
1 CD
Tape Junkie
Analog Master. Sony D6 Pro Analog recorder with Dolby B
Tape Junkie
Analog Master > CD-R (HHB CDR-800) > Apple G3 using xACT for FLAC conversion (Set at level 8)

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