Audio Recordings

7 February 2018
Palau Sant Jordi
Barcelona, Spain
WorldWired Tour

01. AC/DC Tape
02. The Ecstasy of Gold Tape
03. Hardwired
04. Atlas, Rise!
05. James Speaks #1
06. Seek and Destroy
07. Through the Never
08. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
09. Now That We're Dead
10. James Speaks #2
11. Confusion
12. For Whom the Bell Tolls Intro
13. For Whom the Bell Tolls
14. Halo on Fire
15. James Speaks #3
16. Rob and Kirk Guitar and Bass Solo
17. Bass Solo
18. Breadfan
19. The Memory Remains
20. Moth Into Flame
21. James Speaks #4
22. Sad But True
23. One
24. Master of Puppets
25. Encore Break
26. Spit Out the Bone
27. Nothing Else Matters
28. Enter Sandman

This show was a blast to record, and came out great. The boys kicked maximum ass!! Enjoy it!!!!

01_ACDC Tape.flac:79bb393adce0d220bffe036aa2460ea8
02_The Ecstasy of Gold Tape.flac:0517779ea539fddda4df41c4b8cf0008
04_Atlas Rise.flac:36ed775b2ddeb2251c90252e9e65fb0f
05_James Speaks #1.flac:f15cd84a2e178e595f59cd7e8db12f33
06_Seek and Destroy.flac:82f391503a35d3d81c34727917417020
07_Through the Never.flac:7959276b225aadbaea280975a5666010
08_Welcome Home (Sanitarium).flac:6e6767ac7d624c68d967ebb29ce3c809
09_Now That We're Dead.flac:5acc6e73ef1f84beb9df4466354f2013
10_James Speaks #2.flac:3f687a4abd5b9b756d0188d5a2e64f00
12_For Whom the Bell Tolls Intro.flac:a2112bbabf988099094e8a8d4d4a9c56
13_For Whom the Bell Tolls.flac:c1f29365cab585bec024e098b0c75c6f
14_Halo on Fire.flac:fec93e0ef6da493f983ab47a59dba810
15_James Speaks #3.flac:027d7ef5a52a86a807e021c7aac9768b
16_Rob and Kirk Guitar and Bass Solo.flac:02f5228fef176ce1c9be41d41ec9427e
17_Bass Solo.flac:7f7f090214e8306d73f8300dea9537d8
19_The Memory Remains.flac:f45d9b08efd9028d9afc2e16aa1f20ba
20_Moth Into Flame.flac:78afffd603cc9c82ba009765955e4c15
21_James Speaks #4.flac:d41de37cefda4a66ae38a1afb00a8368
22_Sad But True.flac:3d060d8fb96ed533494c98491917b578
24_Master of Puppets.flac:d587e35fa639111cabbec1925152ace7
25_Encore Break.flac:eb6ea3c71e07451d913fbaa673bd8bb5
26_Spit Out the Bone.flac:b529cba4671b190d93b4fc50da6943bc
27_Nothing Else Matters.flac:874b2b897b1e073d951971a17d842011
28_Enter Sandman.flac:1f2e5d62ccbf40e02913c574817592de
2 CDs
SP-CMC-8(AT8538 Mod)>CA-9100>Edirol R-05>PC>Adobe Audition>CDWAVE>FLAC
16-bit / 48 KHz

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