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Guns N' Roses
26 March 1993
Saskatchewan Place
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Skin N' Bones Tour

Disc 1:
01 Intro
02 It's So Easy
03 Mr. Brownstone
04 Live And Let Die
05 The Garden
06 Attitude
07 Nice Boys
08 My Michelle
09 So Fine
10 Welcome To The Jungle
11 Double Talkin' Jive
12 You Ain't The First
13 You're Crazy
14 Used To Love Her
15 Patience
Disc 2:
01 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
02 Piano Solo
03 November Rain
04 Band Introductions
05 Drum Solo
06 You Could Be Mine: False Start
07 You Could Be Mine
08 Guitar Solo
09 Sweet Child O' Mine
10 Paradise City

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5ab9028fc4a0a645954be2adc07e7eb4 *Saskatoon Disc 1/01 Introduction.wav
31b6bd8a5ad1079513a386d280de8397 *Saskatoon Disc 1/02 IT'S SO EASY.wav
3b39c593dc422ce1e4afd49d9929b389 *Saskatoon Disc 1/03 MR BROWNSTONE.wav
7a02bc23738f4dd3f5ec08dff6073591 *Saskatoon Disc 1/04 LIVE AND LET DIE.wav
474b292264c61f8faaddf85e461893e3 *Saskatoon Disc 1/05 THE GARDEN.wav
0e9a037814731e466f4232aab90b719c *Saskatoon Disc 1/06 ATTITUDE.wav
8037227c1411d68b9e60b21276130f46 *Saskatoon Disc 1/07 NICE BOYS.wav
1a9d7c6130698ae13a55b78401430cff *Saskatoon Disc 1/08 MY MICHELLE.wav
17d26c44c94b0e092e48fc8d87514def *Saskatoon Disc 1/09 SO FINE.wav
8bb213a33e9a5e4187d6c59c1913862b *Saskatoon Disc 1/10 WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.wav
c328a9b9bc698089735dfeec22bf0e2f *Saskatoon Disc 1/11 DOUBLE TALKIN' JIVE.wav
a7c0f7679d4405bc3120d0a53a419ddb *Saskatoon Disc 1/12 YOU AIN'T THE FIRST.wav
cafe60c4480fa3fb0f9e8112a5892ba2 *Saskatoon Disc 1/13 YOU'RE CRAZY.wav
bc60dab2ba2087a3abc7dc8f1ff06e72 *Saskatoon Disc 1/14 USED TO LOVE HER.wav
b415c353a56ec40f6dd1179174bdc586 *Saskatoon Disc 1/15 PATIENCE.wav
823e5401015ae9c327cbc537df3f8438 *Saskatoon Disc 2/01 KNOCKIN ON HEAVENS DOOR.wav
68239af0afb4de7611c36d2668e2a0ea *Saskatoon Disc 2/02 PIANO SOLO.wav
e9589f674654388710871aa18a72a808 *Saskatoon Disc 2/03 NOVEMBER RAIN.wav
a137efe50362913a0fb36a28fc25dd00 *Saskatoon Disc 2/04 BAND INTRODUCTION.wav
d5e849827c80f10a164caa4f3d425436 *Saskatoon Disc 2/05 DRUM SOLO.wav
827c2312ab37f74e29d24b650aa1b457 *Saskatoon Disc 2/06 YOU COULD BE MINE FALSE START.wav
13e96719ab408f675646cca4076cc803 *Saskatoon Disc 2/07 YOU COULD BE MINE.wav
2395f7488394d94efa1e35425a1bb4de *Saskatoon Disc 2/08 GUITAR SOLO.wav
eddbafc5544e7cdb19f348d6d2d6fddf *Saskatoon Disc 2/09 SWEET CHILD O MINE.wav
a8a6ad657d08b9b1f21e5c3b22f59863 *Saskatoon Disc 2/10 PARADISE CITY.wav
Double Talking Jets

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2 CDs
DVD ?? SBD?? -> EAC -> FLAC
123:26 min.

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