Audio Recordings

29 September 2018
Silver Creek Event Center at Four Winds Casino
New Buffalo, MI, United States
Living the Dream North American Tour 2018

01 Avalon
02 Halo
03 Standing In The Sun
04 Ghost
05 Back From Cali
06 You're A Lie
07 My Antidote
08 Bent To Fly
09 Beneath The Savage Sun
10 Serve You Right
11 Chat
12 Doctor Alibi (Todd Kerns on vocals)
13 Wicked Stone
14 Mind Your Manners
15 Driving Rain
16 Rocket Queen
17 Starlight
18 Chat
19 Lost Inside The Girl
20 By The Sword >
21 World On Fire (with Band Intros)
22 Encore Break
23 The Call Of The Wild
24 Anastasia

Recorded from Section 202, 'row' AA, seat 6 
Mastered by Dennis Orr
Had watched tickets for this for weeks, and there was a pair of wheelchair accesible ones left...that was it...and you had to buy a 'casino package' with them, making the final price over $600.
Well, the day before the show, that option ceased to exist, so I was stoked, thinking that "front row balcony" (from looking at the map) would allow for some filming action.
Sadly, the venue was just a big ballroom, with 'risers' in the back. Which meant we were toward the back of the floor.
However, our seats were basically at the back end of the aisle between sections 101 and 102, so the sightlines were decent, and there was no one in front of us other than the people walking by.
Overall, this was a very solid show, and if you like "riff rock", it should be right up your alley. I find Slash's latest effort to be incredibly solid in this day and age, and it seems like a record that, like vodka (back in the day), would make me drive fast if behind the wheel.

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1c5a17e3f1e98a155788baf2bf08ecbf *Slash 2018-09-29 New Buffalo, MI - 16 BIT.ffp
e21a82f91f60896e9361eeebc59221ff *Slash 2018-09-29 New Buffalo, MI - 16 BIT.txt
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66536bb50fb6761ec63bf4d975a8ca1f *Slash2018-09-29t05.flac
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b0c5636f0f3fc24a5b16a64b6372732c *Slash2018-09-29t07.flac
291044476ad1e1cef50cb906b4ccd870 *Slash2018-09-29t08.flac
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248a114da4c2cdcebcdc2722e71480a3 *Slash2018-09-29t12.flac
8e1420f72899dfc528dae3dcc44a570f *Slash2018-09-29t13.flac
239f05fe7379344bb31499a160b7c4c9 *Slash2018-09-29t14.flac
a9b2364f5300f1b817792207c111b44d *Slash2018-09-29t15.flac
9410d43528428a68308ee77adfe5fb10 *Slash2018-09-29t16.flac
7addee105b0d47b1965f758ecff94f40 *Slash2018-09-29t17.flac
bbf98ac92cf656ba29ebb5186e0d0a65 *Slash2018-09-29t18.flac
aeb9f5214d06c574d7a8ca64915871ef *Slash2018-09-29t19.flac
e3baee76e3eba322743f90d290565241 *Slash2018-09-29t20.flac
9e9e1616ee39d5450aad6ce32d19b46f *Slash2018-09-29t21.flac
b05563335f9449d052df0ad2f088e734 *Slash2018-09-29t22.flac
68b180a438a28b640c3d8c192dd1f470 *Slash2018-09-29t23.flac
301d344a3a2a335f756d2b15b0c643b5 *Slash2018-09-29t24.flac
2 CDs
Ballsdeep / Dennis Orr
Sonic Studios DSM-6P w/3-way lo-cut filter (@ 80 Hz, middle setting) > Tascam DR-2d
.WAV > Sound Forge Pro 11.0 (Build 299) [iZotope Mastering Suite (declick); minor edits, normalize, & fades] > CDWav (tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (level 5) > FLAC > TagScanner 6.0.18 (tagging)
16bit / 44KHz
126:08 min.

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