Audio Recordings

Machine Head
24 November 2018
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA, United States
Freaks & Zeros Tour

Now We Die
Beautiful Mourning
The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears
Take My Scars
Clenching the Fists of Dissent
Guitar Solo
Darkness Within
From This Day
Ten Ton Hammer
Is There Anybody Out There?
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Beyond the Pale
Drum Solo
Killers & Kings
Descend the Shades of Night
Exhale the Vile
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) / Wanted Dead or Alive / Unknown / Another One Bites the Dust / We Are the Champions / Nighttrain / Would?
Aesthetics of Hate
Game Over

For now the last show with Phil Demmel and Dave Mcclain!

Well worth the 3 hour round trip drive for the show!  when I heard Phil and Dave were leaving I knew
I had to go and tape!

Really fun show (look at the cover list) at a mew to me venue!  The beer was cheap (and it got ugly at the end) and we probably drank it dry that night!  Another 3 hour marathon (I left before the last song or 2 my legs felt like they were about to fall off).  I was hoping for razorblade smile off their new cd but no luck.  

Minor eq required.  I picked up the really drunk asshats near me but it is what it is

As always dont sell it share it "It's only a memory unless someone records it"  Fuck the world!

4f95b102a788a4dfea9fe0e725a61e74  [shntool]  Track 01.flac
4a2fe67f9ed92210cd9dec82bc4367d1  [shntool]  Track 02.flac
4c941c32dac474d4ea1514266cb5b019  [shntool]  Track 03.flac
783d1653e37c3b6c4f5556404cdec00e  [shntool]  Track 04.flac
8e7d09d08d7f10661f78f9655c3c1ea1  [shntool]  Track 05.flac
eca18f3347c51f54908203729c367b00  [shntool]  Track 06.flac
d033f44ca1785c38b784310bd9b25039  [shntool]  Track 07.flac
2cca259d8ca3ccb9e8c7a594a8ca84d7  [shntool]  Track 08.flac
b669179eee258395785d3a9b2cf48939  [shntool]  Track 09.flac
123912ea9dac3fe110a2b262a010cfe7  [shntool]  Track 10.flac
2d23f133405b53c5c34a405d84461984  [shntool]  Track 11.flac
8b8fa770c1db8a6c108abaa8e93e49a4  [shntool]  Track 12.flac
9fd2fef4807612e855d61ab5f0305f84  [shntool]  Track 13.flac
b3bca23f93bb7d90f32cb8ff8c21dac1  [shntool]  Track 14.flac
480207309eb5010ae57cf380e90dc976  [shntool]  Track 15.flac
f1fd1641ef1a76b25893040c6e51da6d  [shntool]  Track 16.flac
10cbdb3e27d79b2a1d63e7478e8563ea  [shntool]  Track 17.flac
de8f41c06234bd5a4d81bba9faecfae3  [shntool]  Track 18.flac
02a1574776fbf8a402ddc09a497a139e  [shntool]  Track 19.flac
cf4b1cde5de6659cf36989a287d048ea  [shntool]  Track 20.flac
ed764a54b1142a37e134369e19ebde51  [shntool]  Track 21.flac
d7ccdebacf5addaf3dda512e4c56f4cb  [shntool]  Track 22.flac
f7a0ed15c0360d5d7e8687a22318e68b  [shntool]  Track 23.flac
571188f1611649801c9fa8fd7c191bed  [shntool]  Track 24.flac
b80f39cb7e84c9dcd6015a68246833b5  [shntool]  Track 25.flac
766e28f22334161728e9030f1bae160a  [shntool]  Track 26.flac
3 CDs
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M10 > USB > cdwav editor > FLAC

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