Audio Recordings

9 June 2018
Tampere, Finland
The Rise of Chaos European Tour 2018

01 Die by the Sword
02 Stalingrad
03 Restless and Wild
04 No Regrets
05 Shadow Soldiers
06 Princess of the Dawn
07 Midnight Mover
08 Up to the Limit
09 Pandemic
10 Fast as a Shark
11 Metal Heart
12 Teutonic Terror
[13 Balls to the Wall (not recorded)

Recorded from Right in front of mixing desk, dead center, maybe ~50m from stage
This was the third time I saw Accept, and I think this was the tightest set I have seen so far!
The sound turned out really great too, quite nice in-your-face -type of sound.
The only downside to this recording is that it's missing the most of the Teutonic Terror and Ball To The Wall completely.
The reason for this is that I really wanted to see the following band on the 2nd stage, and in order to be there in time and to secure a decent spot I decided to leave a bit early from Accept's performance. This was actually the case
throughout the whole festival - there were basically no time left between the bands, which was rather annoying, as there were a LOT of bands that I wanted to see and record.

df5df8631611eeb084cd485444a1b5b8 *01 Die by the Sword.flac
dc00e32459c7ccfbd7dac67cf2e1d5a7 *02 Stalingrad.flac
3aab7558fb4a7e40bbdf3554961d0a39 *03 Restless and Wild.flac
6f7b2f7ab587f88735c40d538dba3330 *04 No Regrets.flac
c58b99d3209ef690c50b7d37e83f5ab8 *05 Shadow Soldiers.flac
150d842e9838233686e30d96781772ef *06 Princess of the Dawn.flac
ff18775e7c343c90eebe3cdac1e4f467 *07 Midnight Mover.flac
4de96de100acc92b54d189e57a25d1da *08 Up to the Limit.flac
6309840ace1557881f3aab0ed014f010 *09 Pandemic.flac
5afed8f7b359ef15b40d8f3b74114ef5 *10 Fast as a Shark.flac
e37d3eec7466db8cf7118403d24cc82e *11 Metal Heart.flac
c5ca570b4c5fc90cbac56b9c814ab798 *12 Teutonic Terror.flac
1 CD
CA-11 Cardioid Stereo Mics -> Zoom H1
Master WAV (stereo, 44kHz/16-bit) -> Cubase 5 LE -> fade in & out -> mastering with iZotope Ozone 5 & 6 -> CdWav (track splitting) -> Trader's Little Helper (encoding to FLAC (Level 5))
61 min.

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