Audio Recordings

23 June 1992
Riverbend Music Center
Cincinnati, OH, United States
Wherever We May Roam North American Tour

Disc 1:
Lars Addresses The Audience
Ecstacy Of Gold
Creeping Death
Harvester Of Sorrow
Fade To Black
Sad But True
Wherever I May Roam
Of Wolf And Man
For Whom The Bell Tolls
The Unforgiven (flip)
The Unforgiven (con't)
Shortest Straw

Disc 2:
Jason Newsted Bass Solo
Kirk Hammet Guitar Solo
Master Of Puppets
Seek And Destroy (flip)
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Last Caress
Am I Evil
Damage Inc
Kirk Speaks

D1Track01 Lars Addresses The Audience.flac:996c3c6a51ea1f5f8cbce04ed387521d
D1Track02  Ecstacy Of Gold.flac:7f243c43dabca6a50722735259fa1640
D1Track03 Creeping Death.flac:cd83084de5e3a3a588b0b09d84a240da
D1Track04 Harvester Of Sorrow.flac:0921e3dfbaf644be8ec1ac8109b4b7e8
D1Track05 Fade To Black.flac:771b0ca66ab62c2375df67f28b85afa7
D1Track06 Sad But True.flac:12f27a509217d8961d68b48cc054248b
D1Track07 Wherever I May Roam.flac:3f5f934cfe9cefcf9ea7d9087ea9636b
D1Track08 Of Wolf And Man.flac:7be22bf6b31e53c3d3ada1f6af364be3
D1Track09 For Whom The Bell Tolls.flac:f77339552f851d12392d3b06098e40ff
D1Track10 The Unforgiven (flip).flac:c167f5408beafa9002bf87aaa177b9a7
D1Track11 The Unforgiven (con't).flac:8c5f753311526c1009968926bc90decb
D1Track12 Shortest Straw.flac:e23b0f517ab2feee42012af8ba7a58f3
D2Track01 Jason Newsted Bass Solo.flac:7746f1870aa7d506fdf70a67670618b2
D2Track02 Kirk Hammet Guitar Solo.flac:32378615e4995e09decd7fd25810eb03
D2Track03 One.flac:f339b822b87abebb71383810c43693c5
D2Track04 Master Of Puppets.flac:9dcd4b8731bc8510622d3c7a7789d1dc
D2Track05 Seek And Destroy (flip).flac:b08ffa4ee5c7bf3aec33619c51c0f91e
D2Track06 Whiplash.flac:ed196041544d2c518c4d3d4fdd80f85c
D2Track07 Nothing Else Matters.flac:a84f4c671b90a7f5f3325dccf58578e1
D2Track08 Enter Sandman.flac:b754f6848c4bef9ea7ed1cb1433c79fb
D2Track09 Last Caress.flac:225054ab8a2e19e078eae1ab3b246f4e
D2Track10 Am I Evil.flac:9a50680cfbf7a9ed2d5a50f5542358eb
D2Track11 Damage Inc.flac:8e807bf153cc96f005788b10d9de1bfd
D2Track12 Kirk Speaks.flac:231ec96768c588b29504e0791a1c40a8
2 CDs
The Govner
The Govner
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