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Iron Maiden
10 June 2018
Expo Plaza
Hannover, Germany
Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

Disc 1:
01. Doctor Doctor (4:02)
02. Churchill's Speech (0:37)
03. Aces High (4:51)
04. Where Eagles Dare (6:06)
05. 2 Minutes To Midnight (8:31)
06. The Clansman (9:26)
07. The Trooper (4:02)
08. Revelations (7:52)
09. For The Greater Good Of God (9:34)
10. The Wicker Man (4:43)
Disc 2:
01. Sign Of The Cross (10:52)
02. Flight Of Icarus (4:05)
03. Fear Of The Dark (7:42)
04. The Number Of The Beast (5:01)
05. Iron Maiden (7:17)
06. The Evil That Men Do (4:30)
07. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7:36)
08. Run To The Hills (4:42)

Edited and Mastered by: Vitor (Neoplasmah)

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d8896576a9ccea3cd7af39dd11de752e *Artwork(2018-06-10) Expo Plaza, Hannover, Germany-Back (S7).jpg
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832c0ac374f4ae87e313c73d06959169 *CD14. Where Eagles Dare.flac
b792679f1f61a51c5b098ac60f21107d *CD15. 2 Minutes To Midnight.flac
f42860dd28098045682df2d3b025835a *CD16. The Clansman.flac
7dd6911f8740d07bdcfced895fb2706c *CD17. The Trooper.flac
e054612c3688aeeb0e66b11133cb49a6 *CD18. Revelations.flac
03caf1838c7bbe2d2b8eb2340c62af09 *CD19. For The Greater Good Of God.flac
287dae92517206e807a1d6d4d2bad88d *CD110. The Wicker Man.flac
c6bd65c4f3369dc7ab941af27b00a8e0 *CD21. Sign Of The Cross.flac
fbe3723f4f2df994e48b442e5da1f383 *CD22. Flight Of Icarus.flac
711930492f7ea59bde5997b4b785c3ac *CD23. Fear Of The Dark.flac
ff1c05bc8b80f87688b61e4bd13c7e5e *CD24. The Number Of The Beast.flac
d35f0de25d51accda60b983ce5def6ee *CD25. Iron Maiden.flac
1d0893e023015fb649d4ebad2b8b004a *CD26. The Evil That Men Do.flac
0b71d8e7cedbd5b5f7cc60ea29bbd1e1 *CD27. Hallowed Be Thy Name.flac
6609dccd95dac22cb44c6d2372d2830d *CD28. Run To The Hills.flac
79899d02751c9cb748c659ba550a6ac5 *Frequency analysis.jpg
The Fire In The sky

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2 CDs
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16bit / 44.1KHz
59:44 & 51:46 min.

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