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Iron Maiden
13 June 2018
Berlin, Germany
Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

Disc 1:
01. Doctor Doctor (4:34)
02. Churchill's Speech (0:37)
03. Aces High (4:51)
04. Where Eagles Dare (6:10)
05. 2 Minutes To Midnight (6:08)
06. Bruce Speech (3:39)
07. The Clansman (9:29)
08. The Trooper (4:08)
09. Revelations (8:03)
10. For The Greater Good Of God (9:44)
11. The Wicker Man (4:45)
Disc 2:
01. Sign Of The Cross (11:00)
02. Flight Of Icarus (4:11)
03. Fear Of The Dark (7:50)
04. The Number Of The Beast (5:04)
05. Iron Maiden (7:02)
06. The Evil That Men Do (4:33)
07. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7:36)
08. Run To The Hills (5:41)

Edited and Mastered by: Vitor (Neoplasmah) 

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3113415a32b577c4e38acfc97ead39ae *CD15. 2 Minutes To Midnight.flac
2a9c4ae2752f48093959f6fd2949926c *CD16. Bruce Speech.flac
50b999a062e8692ed71c2b60e26ea717 *CD17. The Clansman.flac
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9c681467febad3df95e76be880e1a105 *CD19. Revelations.flac
926fc80fa2705b35b4e135a9cc663700 *CD110. For The Greater Good Of God.flac
77793959cf8ca6b815452259fec77ab5 *CD111. The Wicker Man.flac
3e84ea5e3ec9709d134e70ca1f9844b2 *CD21. Sign Of The Cross.flac
01c08384a0c9f1522b16ec89864333bc *CD22. Flight Of Icarus.flac
96499eba042026ab92c8eb2c0a6d4c8b *CD23. Fear Of The Dark.flac
2aeb28961d295d3fd870f2a5d3e8336d *CD24. The Number Of The Beast.flac
2113a9874c12a9cdea191a9224cb8f01 *CD25. Iron Maiden.flac
192ad6ecf481d73a75bf8622f31d2cb3 *CD26. The Evil That Men Do.flac
d7c967e9ebc83a0fcde311b3cc6c6822 *CD27. Hallowed Be Thy Name.flac
f62ed353e15afe2b539bc361916ca8e2 *CD28. Run To The Hills.flac
786e3597b3e0231b9224fc57359767a1 *Frequency analysis.jpg
Beyond The Wall

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2 CDs
Beyond The Wall
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16bit / 44.1KHz
62:07 & 52:56 min.

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