Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
5 September 2019
Tacoma Dome
Tacoma, WA, United States
Legacy of the Beast 2019 Tour

Aces High
Where Eagles Dare
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Clansman
The Trooper
For the Greater Good Of God
The Wicker Man
Sign Of the Cross
Flight Of Icarus
Fear Of the Dark
Number Of the Beast
Iron Maiden
crowd awaits
Bruce security rant
The Evil That Men Do
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Run To the Hills

Recorded from GA floor 25 feet from stage center position
Well this show has created a stir due to the security issue and Bruce giving em hell. I'm a resident here and today the
story came out that the drunk dude who got pummeled punched and injured a guard first. Both sides (so far) decided
not to press charges so hopefully its done. As for the recording again the bass drum is overdriven. I was too close to
get a great capture. Had to work on the files to reduce bass and up the middle to try to smooth out as best as possible.
For The Greater Good Of God on to the end the soundman reduced the bass so it gets much better to listen to.
2nd best time I've ever seen Maiden. Only the 2/87 show in Tacoma tops it fo me. This tour is NOT TO BE MISSED!!
Fukn Where Eagles Dare was enough for me!

efe2f8ef28ef6ac562f410f53c533f3d *01) Aces High.flac
542afd43677d140fd3b94e280016b1ba *02) Where Eagles Dare.flac
50217d02cc0a277be3112d043e543c05 *03) 2  Minutes To Midnight.flac
250787635c3e6eb323648a1efff259d8 *04) Bruce.flac
aa00617a20c6020e5a3e1b8110122df5 *05) The Clansman.flac
0a6fb41a3719fdc1fb361b38f203fcc6 *06) The Trooper.flac
ef2b4da7ad2f5bef8423f68fac7ee979 *07) Revelations.flac
595f925402476f9013b664854caa632c *08)For the Greater Good Of God.flac
a8dd042c0e45bbcbe34f4a500a9196f3 *09) The Wicker Man.flac
9591a2fe872c7cdf0131489ed4d27d8d *10) Sign Of the Cross.flac
1c75759232a3e33025fc1fdb57b9f35c *11) Flight Of Icarus.flac
7fa4a44604b684f74a507e5e750cfec1 *12) Fear Of the Dark.flac
f91aa179313445df2d16a763ca5f38e8 *13) Number Of the Beast.flac
4185345289024c7cbac62363af4862de *14) Iron Maiden.flac
e2ad9ba12c8aabda416358ce35c1123c *15) crowd awaits.flac
2d762effb56db766a13391431a6eccca *16) Bruce security rant.flac
efa477d0e88d78ebed517815bdee7eaf *17) The Evil That Men Do.flac
b86bd9ace88f36a654abad4a4788c91c *18) Hallowed.flac
c3224aa1eb4c128e87b950acc880c092 *19) Run To the Hills.flac
2 CDs
Edirol aud 16/44 - Goldwave - TLH - FLAC
16bit / 44.1KHz

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