Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
5 June 2018
Royal Arena
Copenhagen, Denmark
Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

Disc 1:
01. Pre-Intro - Doctor Doctor
02. Intro - Churchill´s Speech
03. Aces High
04. Where Eagles Dare
05. 2 Minutes To Midnight
06. - Happy Birthday for Nicko McBrain -
07. The Clansman
08. The Trooper
09. Revelations
10. For The Greater Good Of God
11. The Wickerman

Disc 2:
01. Sign Of The Cross
02. Flight Of Icarus
03. Fear Of The Dark
04. The Number Of The Beast
05. Iron Maiden
06. The Evil That Men Do
07. Hallowed Be Thy Name
08. Run To The Hills

I went to see this gig due to the fact that it was Iron Maiden and a indoor show.
I missed the two first days of Sweden Rock Festival for this one, and a club gig with Megadeth the day after in Malmö, Sweden.

Pretty much a "standard" gig from the tour, but this night Nicko is having a birthday, always something.

Recorded at the back of the standing section.
This is more or less the original sound, if anyone wants to work on it, feel free to do so.



714caa2d7a4fef40c46dbf4680338f1d *01-Pre-Intro - Doctor Doctor.flac
01276c070315f9d305930497bf4b5811 *02-Intro - Churchill´s Speech.flac
3849a8380f9604804d5cf715076f542b *03-Aces High.flac
d281606d8df530b5262d82d48321735d *04-Where Eagles Dare.flac
0b44041b61f5791bd94ef01912786cab *05-2 Minutes To Midnight.flac
b4a9332108d15a017cb280d2958a7226 *06-Happy Birthday to Nicko McBrain.flac
071cfe5be7e5f1bcb6040d8f8d78ad3a *07-The Clansman.flac
dab374c0d4463f3f67a57c9bd334476f *08-The Trooper.flac
894a1b4b183dc2b3d797bb9b07f9457a *09-Revelations.flac
f82e4bdfd43b5ccbd8736b60c57368a0 *10-For The Greater Good Of God.flac
be9e2bc92d610b02772a434f87984395 *11-The Wickerman.flac

88a2d771666192e00871388f038adcec *01-Sign Of The Cross.flac
18333c8b128a80728d1a2d290a157386 *02-Flight Of Icarus.flac
42e56ac472ab352da7cbb524dd98164c *03-Fear Of The Dark.flac
d8bf7e792a1bb204173ac51773e3e36d *04-The Number Of The Beast.flac
de734bc32f194eaf8cb5eb7a505b96c9 *05-Iron Maiden.flac
623fa855825133146eb753c8f4da2743 *06-The Evil That Men Do.flac
52812a278ba4ac15aa2649f7e49cd84d *07-Hallowed Be Thy Name.flac
53a7e17fa349804f7be5d00cf5d4e35f *08-Run To The Hills.flac
2 CDs
Dave Murray
Dave Murray
Zoom H2
16bit / 44.1KHz
62:26 & 54:21 min.

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