Audio Recordings

Black Sabbath
2 February 2017
Genting Arena
Birmingham, England
The End Tour : European 2nd Leg

00 Big Dave Intro
01 Catherine of Aragon snippet [Rick Wakeman cover snippet by Adam Wakeman only]
02 Mr. Crowley [Ozzy Osbourne cover snippet by Adam Wakeman only]
03 Sound effects, chatting and Rhythm Guitar [Adam Wakeman only]
04 Changes [Adam Wakeman only & the crowd singing]
05 Drum Solo [Tommy Clufetos only]
06 Symptom of the Universe [Tony, Geezer & Tommy]
07 Iron Man
08 Wicked World snippet [Tony, Geezer & Tommy]
09 Zero the Hero / Glory Ride snippets [Tony Iommi only]

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on February 7, 2017, at 12:21:02

18852da6223b11a80e9b97420161d2d8 *00-Big Dave intro.flac
a6e2d77d675cd91c66c1b111cab69220 *01-Catherine of Aragon snippet [Adam only].flac
5b52a10b7ab739ec7788f1a00a0dcebc *02-Mr Crowley snippet [Adam only].flac
f9fd1f39af1b64f7681f111b31407171 *03-Sound effects, chatting and Rhythm Guitar [Adam only].flac
23dc5894e1f6fadc755fd00fbd1a02e3 *04-Changes [Adam only & the crowd).flac
4bab8c47c9d1332952c495e11b3cbf54 *05-Drum Solo [Tommy only].flac
4934f184bd668d1bc8dcf59434ee301c *06-Symptom of the Universe [Tony, Geezer & Tommy].flac
907a5c1dd9ae8f1a96d5680bf8218759 *07-Iron Man.flac
27f5ce7022f4724484f7da1d53ce87d9 *08-Wicked World snippet [Tony, Geezer & Tommy].flac
b76cf2dae62452831a0461321d0fb8e7 *09-Zero the Hero-Glory Ride [Tony only].flac
779fae7ecbc7da9ca9af8f0f7b4bed7c *info.txt

Download the cover artwork at
1 CD
Barghest - Soundcheck
SP-CMC-8->SP-SPSB-11-> Edirol R-09HR -> WAV [96 kHz/24 bit dithering to 44kHZ/16 bit]
WAV -> Adobe Audition (Limiting- Gain - Track Splitting) -> FLAC
30:48 min.

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