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Guns N' Roses
8 June 2012
Warsteiner Hockey Park
Monchengladbach, Germany
Chinese Democracy European Tour 2012

Disc 1:
Chinese Democracy
Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Rocket Queen
Richard Fortus Guitar Solo
Live And Let Die
This I Love
Shackler's Revenge
Motivation (Tommy Stinson on lead vocals)
Dizzy Reed Piano Solo (Baba O' Riley)
Street Of Dreams

Disc 2:
You Could Be Mine
DJ Ashba Guitar Solo
Sweet Child O' Mine
Instrumental Jam (Another Brick In The Wall)
Axl Rose Piano Solo (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Someone Saved My Life tonight)
November Rain
Glad To Be Here (Bumblefoot)
Don't Cry
Civil War
Knockin' On Heavens Door
Instrumental Jam
Encore Break
Instrumental Jam
Paradise City

Not the best recording, I was about 50 meters from the stage at the right speaker, sound was thin and the crowd was noisy. During Glad To Be Here, it started to rain heavily. Therefore I had to put my mics under my clothes so the sound during Don't Cry is pretty much fucked. I decided to move to the stands, sound is getting better during
Civil War but the wind and rain is still very audible.

Big thanks to Kathleen for mastering the whole thing!

8024077a49007d9d0e49fa4923649ff3 *01_Chinese Democracy.flac
bea82e086c8e9cddbd2b5f3df3a9616b *02_Welcome To The Jungle.flac
ef29119fd480fe2d806ad1f1c6c18b4e *03_It's So Easy.flac
388e79635a773c1a0441c82affa8fd5b *04_Mr. Brownstone.flac
59f839425f7741bbdc81758a4abb7ab6 *05_Sorry.flac
788a7426461f79ee684982589fec79ef *06_Rocket Queen.flac
2bf5ddbf545d8644e5e83ced2ec901e8 *07_Estranged.flac
43eec91df4f069472906ccd17d71ad55 *08_Richard Fortus Guitar Solo.flac
26ca6ac2f5fa7918a40ecb9a820bfb31 *09_Live And Let Die.flac
ce3776b922d5afbecc110fafe8077ec9 *10_This I Love.flac
71b503cbf96d9d370bbe1e4f3ae108cf *11_Better.flac
2ee39549f1b3483efad8ee4d00d48574 *12_Shackler's Revenge.flac
7b01513b548125ac6da2beaf039e39e0 *13_Motivation (Tommy Stinson).flac
90bd0b1ea92a3f691057fd75f0fe02fe *14_Dizzy Reed Piano Solo (Baba O' Riley).flac
a93b72e298d0439c32e0ffc0029a1673 *15_Street Of Dreams.flac
6cf745b5c4747af631a4c5a690dcf4ba *16_You Could Be Mine.flac
95eff0b9fbaaa7de0a85ccc78b0c1ebb *17_DJ Ashba Guitar Solo (Ballad Of Death).flac
34d85806a962f7a5f28007fb4329e71f *18_Sweet Child O' Mine.flac
42232421fd5d218a4ac8764c3e63817c *19_Instrumental Jam.flac
b3c4e7474fa4d546c9fd15a1a7fc6e71 *20_Axl Rose Piano Solo (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Someone Saved My Life Tonight).flac
4438693ce24a8a91f2eef7db4b862b47 *21_November Rain.flac
06722151e063d79bf729c152104cb3cf *22_Glad To Be Here (Bumblefoot).flac
58b762cc650160c7ff8600b6fbddb2e3 *23_Don't Cry.flac
96e943fb3453d12527d6247568f1d161 *24_Civil War.flac
9f66dcd341d11eee13c9c1bd5cb73a14 *25_Knockin' On Heaven's Door.flac
9d4965fdaa005f671b590b1e1b4a18cf *26_Instrumental Jam.flac
3049a4c9173d59929bacd88d847fb09b *27_Nightrain.flac
5b2ea2dd1e8b77659b02f2e66687446f *28_Encore Break.flac
0ea4669ea1577193591cb5585d3620dc *29_Instrumental Jam.flac
b49c327a05113bf123d0a4f1ea48d117 *30_Paradise City.flac

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
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2 CDs
Thierry / Kathleen
Church Audio cardioid mic's CA-14s > STC 9000 pre-amp > Edirol R-09HR @ 24/96 > Adobe Audition 3 > flac

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