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Izzy Stradlin and the Juju Hounds
16 March 1993
Charlotte, NC, United States

01. Bucket O Trouble
02. Cuttin' The Rug
03. Jivin' Sister Fanny
04. Crackin' Up
05. Time Gone By
06. My Fault
07. Shuffle It All
08. Somebody Knockin'
09. Blues Interlude
10. Happy
11. Train Tracks
12. Pressure Drop
13. Sittin' On Top Of The World
14. Amazing Grace
15. Highway 49
16. Battleship Chains

An Izzy master fo ya. This was a very cool show. When we walked in Rick Richards and Charlie Quintana were sitting at the bar drinking a beer. My buddy and I plopped down and chatted them up a bit. We were both big Georgia Satellites fans and talked to Rick about a bunch of their shows we'd seen. His fuzzy memory couldn't recall any of 'em which elevated the hard-partying rock n roll image I had of Rick even further. My friend worshipped Dylan as a modern day deity and he got some "Bob" stories from Charlie as he'd played a stint with him not too long before. They were nice guys - who like to rock. I was never a Guns fan but always liked the Izzy material - it had a deep blues backbone that really came out after he lit out on his own. He was really in his element with this band and this setlist covering most of his first solo record while throwing in Stones, blues and reggae covers. It was a really packed show and there were some concerns about fan safety as they were crushing in up front. I looked at the most excellent site "" and checked all the setlists from 92/93 (not totally complete but a whole bunch listed) and this was the ONLY show that includes a cover of "Happy" making it a very rare show. Enjoy.

1 CD
Doodee Music Master Recording
Unknown mic > Sony WMD3 Cassette Master > BBE1002 > BSR EQ3000 > CDR > FLAC

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