Audio Recordings

Guns N' Roses
20 December 2006
Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk
Universal City, CA, United States
Chinese Democracy North American Tour 2006

01 Welcome To The Jungle
02 It's So Easy
03 Mr. Brownstone
04 Live And Let Die
05 Better
06 Robin Fink Guitar Solo
07 Sweet Child O' Mine
08 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
09 You Could Be Mine
10 Instrumental Jam #1-Axl Thanks Crew
11 Dizzy Reed Piano Solo (Angie)
12 The Blues
13 Instrumental Jam #2
14 Rocket Queen
15 Axl Rant
16 Down On The Farm
17 Band Introductions
18 Richard Fortus Guitar Solo (Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas)
19 Out Ta Get Me
20 Instrumental Jam #3
21 Axl Rose Piano Solo
22 November Rain
23 Izzy Stradlin Intro
24 Think About You (feat. Izzy Stradlin)
25 Used To Love Her (feat. Izzy Stradlin)
26 Bumblefoot Guitar Solo #1
27 You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch (Bumblefoot on Vocals)
28 Bumblefoot Guitar Solo #2 (Don't Cry)
29 Sebastian Bach Intro
30 My Michelle (feat. Sebastian Bach & Bubbles)
31 Patience (feat. Izzy Stradlin)
32 Nightrain (feat. Izzy Stradlin)
33 Chinese Democracy  (Cuts In)
34 I.R.S.
35 Madagascar
36 Paradise City
37 Axl Thanks Audience

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3 CDs
GnRosas / JimBeam
ECM717/HC1 > HDV m2t > GNROSAS Bluray ISO with LPCM 2.0 (1536Kbps) > DVD Audio Extractor (‘Direct Stream Demux’ to 16/48 .pcm @ 1536Kbps) > TSmuxerGUI (‘Demux’ save to 16/48 .WAV) > Audacity (track splits) > XLD (re-sample to 16/44 .WAV) > xACT (SBE fix & FLAC)

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