Video Recordings

Motley Crue
21 October 2014
Bon Secours Wellness Arena
Greenville, NC, United States
The Final Tour: North American 1st Leg
1 Blu-ray Disc
CBG / Silver Stallion
Sony HDR-HC1
125:47 min.

01. Saints Of Los Angeles
02. Wild Side
03. Primal Scream
04. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
05. Looks That Kill
60. On With The Show
07. Too Fast For Love
08. Smokin' In The Boys' Room
09. Without You
10. Mutherfucker Of The Year
11. Nikki Sixx talks
12. Anarchy In The U.K.
13. Dr. Feelgood
14. Shout At The Devil
15. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
16. O Fortuna
17. Tommy's drum solo
18. Mick's guitar solo
19. Live Wire
20. Too Young To Fall In Love
21. Girls, Girls, Girls
22. Kickstart My Heart
23. Home Sweet Home

The Crue has announced that this will be their last tour! I guess time will tell with that as we have seen so many bands say that only to come back again and again. Not that I am upset that they do come back, heck, they are all bands that I love for the most part and I will be bummed when they are all gone for sure. So I was lucky to see that they made a date in Greenville for this show and I had to go. If this was going to be the last time, I had to try one more time to get a document of their current show. Having Alice Cooper warm them up was a no brainer then.
They ended up doing probably every song I wanted to hear. They seemed into the show and they rocked with force. Their light show was huge as is to be expected. Thank god they didn’t have the blinding lights on the crowd that they had in 2008. This time you could actually watch the band and see them! Tommy’s drum solo roller coaster was cool to see but I thought the actual drum solo was sort of monotonous. I think if he varied the solo some, it would have been more effective, but the roller coaster rig was very inventive and over the top, similar to how he previously stunned us on the Girls Girls Girls tour with that drum rig or the Dr. Feelgood tour with the drum rig on the truss that went out across the floor crowd suspended above them. He definitely is one showman that likes to stretch his imagination to make a show out of the drum solo, mission accomplished in this set up. Ending the show with Home Sweet Home was sort of melancholy as it felt like we were saluting them as they were saying goodbye to us with that song. It made me think about all the years of filming and the many rock shows and how all good things come to an end at some point. If there is one thing that is evident from this effort that Guitard and I have been going through to digitize my collection and post the shows I did more than 25 years ago, is how things change and move on. Things that you would have thought at the time were going to be there so long, but in just a short period of time change to something different and it is never the same or similar to how it was just 5 year back. It was that way with the Crue. I was seeing them in their height, starting out with the Shout at the Devil tour opening for Ozzy, then at their height on the Girls Girls Girls tour and then the Dr. Feelgood tour. Then they were not a relevant in the 90’s. Things change quickly. I would have never thunk it in 1990 during the Dr. Feelgood tour. They were so huge then.
After this show, I thought it will come to pass too for them and 5 years from now there will be no Crue. But we will have the memories of the tours and the albums to play and the audience recordings to hear and see to remind us of what it was like. That is what drove me in this hobby to capture these shows. At the time, it didn’t seem like things would change that quickly, but now that time has passed, I realize that things did change rather quickly. But I can look back and see it as it was, and not have it be some faded memory on top of memory in my brain that can’t really be relived as I would like it to be. Like a time machine. So we can remember with clarity. Enjoy the Crue saying goodbye for the last time in Greenville, South Carolina
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Silver Stallion

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